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This is an exciting time.  I have had the pleasure to work on several LEAN projects in Washington and California.  This has been a life changing experience and I wanted to share it with the Boise Valley and my ASID community.  I will be publishing more articles dealing with this new and exciting way to manage and design construction projects.

I am working closely with BSU and U of I to bring a LEAN and IPD training and panel discussion.  We are targeting the 25th of January…stay tuned for further updates.

My article on LEAN Project Management Posted here:  LEAN: a new form of project management by Crystal Arreola

Idaho Business Review Published: November 29,2012

As an interior designer, my focus has been on creating healthy and inspirational spaces for people to live and work. I often find it increasingly challenging to balance client needs with project constraints (budget or timeline) in the traditional construction model. There is, however, a movement that is gaining momentum – placing emphasis on truly collaborative design and construction to deliver client values by continuously eliminating waste……