Economy of Trust


Recently our team has been reflecting on how we endeavor to improve and increase trust in our work and within our project teams. In the A&D community especially there is an opportunity to create a virtual economy of trust which can be a key factor to the success of every project. Here are 4 simple steps we have found invaluable for nurturing a culture of trust.

1. Become success conscious, but don’t forget the basics – I am sure it is fair to say that we all tackle a new project with the idea that we will be able to achieve our purpose, that our combined past experience will help us be successful for this new endeavor. It never ceases to amaze me though, how often we get the basics wrong. In an effort to speed the process along we may gloss over a step that comes to bite us in the end. Remember oars are most useful to move your ship forward if you use them…correctly. So don’t forget the basics, think in kindergarten terms… A before B.

2. Take fear out of the equation. The key to building trust is to not just to gain trust but to remember to earn it. Determine to excel…that can only happen when you accept your limitations. Openly confront reality with your team – foster an open and honest interaction with your core players (internal and external). Take down the curtain hiding ‘the great powerful OZ’. No one is perfect and people believe and trust in you more readily if you are honest and transparent, it is here the seeds of trust begin to take root.

3. Every experience matters… once you’ve determined not to go it alone – with open & honest communication you will begin to build a team that fosters creativity and works to discover synergies to solve problems within the group you never thought possible. Make way for innovation, stand back and watch miracles happen. I am usually surprised at where the solution comes from….remember to celebrate it when you see it.

4. It’s what’s inside that counts. As Place-makers we create spaces that excite the senses, meet current needs, and can adapt over time. And so it should be within our teams, we should remember to encourage ‘rogue’ thinking, not rest on past success or failures, continue to push boundaries, and allow trust to evolve and grow. When quality matters trust can deliver.

-Crystal Arreola
Owner/ Principal Designer
Studio Interiors, LLC

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