Going ‘Green’ in Williston North Dakota

A little bit of color…..the Right color…goes a long way.


This project was a collaboration that I recently completed with Tammi Eldridge Warren of Eco Design in Williston North Dakota.

The client was a growing business looking to create an amazing workspace for several employees. They also wanted to be able to house and repair their large equipment.

Working on a tight budget and knowing that paint costs the same no matter the color – Tammi made the bold decision to enliven the large open shop with a warm green paint color.


The most rewarding part of the project was walking through the space and seeing all of the smiling faces as the construction crew and building visitors stood in awe of the creative use of color. This thoughtful decision helped to breathe new life into an otherwise forgotten space in a large project of this type.


Creative use of color, well-appointed and interchangeable custom signage, and budget conscious furniture selections helped us to make the building both inviting and invigorating. All of these pieces fell into place and helped us to accomplish our goals to come in on a tight budget and meet the demands of the fast paced timeline. This project was a resounding success and we look forward to further collaborations with the client, the architect and the contractor.


Next time you are on a project and are looking for a way to brighten up your space – look to color to help make a low budget – high impact statement.