introduction            services            projects of note            connect 208.284.5590  |  |   studio blog studio interiors, llc Studio Interiors, LLC is a certified professional interior design firm  founded by Crystal Arreola, a LEED Accredited Professional for Interior Design and Construction, in an effort to provide project management and professional interior design services that are both cost effective and efficient. Our aim is to help clients contribute to their bottom line by creating beautiful and attractive interiors that help them gain an edge over the competition. Involving Studio Interiors in your next construction project will help you to reduce costly errors, solve problems presented by layout constraints and create an attractive affordable environment. Interiors that are well appointed and planned increase productivity, profitability and pride of ownership. At Studio Interiors, LLC, Crystal will work closely with the architect and contractor to provide a smooth process that results in a well executed interior environment. Having gained over 8 years of experience in both residential and commercial markets, project management and construction coordination come second nature to her. Crystal can provide expertise in material selection, space planning, project schedule and execution.  She also provides finish and material selections that comply with local and national building codes as well as ADA requirements. As a LEED certified designer, Crystal is committed to preserving natural resources, sourcing materials manufactured locally and using recycled materials. Taking the commitment to sustainability into every project can help create a healthier and more inspiring space that is both socially responsible and fiscally sound.          Studio Interiors, LLC specializes in LEAN construction:  Lean Construction Institute           Give us a call and let us help you create a lasting, healthy and beautiful space!